American Made Retail Company Launch

Just a quick post to mention that my new online retail business, American Made Retail Company, is open and ready for business.

I’ve been thinking about getting into the online retail space for some time but I wasn’t really sure how to do it. After spending so much time stuck at home this past year, and having just finished my MBA, I felt a surge of motivation. I came up with a few ideas–most of which I’m going to pursue–but the one I kept coming back to was the idea of selling products that were in high demand but that were most often provided by foreign manufacturing.

There’s nothing wrong with imported goods, and I will never speak against free trade. However, I think it’s important to support American workers and American manufacturing for a number of reasons. Besides the economic havoc the past year has wrought we’ve also learned a serious lesson about depending on foreign imports as COVID-19 policies limited international trade. With as many things as I purchased online, I wanted to support local workers and help bring American manufacturing back in whatever small way I could.

The mission of the American Made Retail Company is to offer a range of products made in the USA at the best prices possible. You won’t find the cheapest products at AMRC, but you will find the best value. And, you’ll be helping to rebuild American manufacturing one dollar at a time.

Visit us at, or find us on Facebook at

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