NDNM Now Live on Gearbubble!

NDNM is live on Gearbubble!

NDNM (Ni Dieux, Ni Maitre, or Neither Gods, Nor Masters*) is a new brand I’m building centered around political philosophy and current events from an anarcho-capitalist perspective. These are all original designs created by yours truly. It’s more of a passion project than a business venture, but I’d love it to be both. Check it out, I’ve got some good stuff up there and I’m working on new designs around the clock.

Come and visit NDNM on Gearbubble at: https://www.gearbubble.com/gbstore/ndnm.

* This was the motto of French anarchists around the late 19th century. I like it because, while the English version was embraced by atheists and labor activists angry at the bosses, the French version can be understood to refer to all of us: neither gods, nor masters, but equals. Pretty good motto for anarcho-capitalism, I think.

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